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Engineering works

Electricity installation

Electrical networks installation. Electrical panels installation. Lighting devices, sockets, switches installations. Certification of works. Assistance service and sign contract with electricity supplier. Negotiation Energy Supply Agreements with electricity supplier. External electrical networks installation.

Home automation

Fire, water and gas leak detector sensors installation. Surveillance cameras installation. Duct air conditioners. Motion sensor installation. Remote controlling of household appliances via Internet

Low voltage systems

Low-voltage electrical systems installation. Internet, Wi-Fi, TV


Water underfloor heating systems. Electric underfloor heating systems. Solar panels installation. Water heaters. Convectors and radiators.

Air conditioning

Split, multisplit. VRF and VRV systems. Duct air conditioners.


Connection to the urban sewer network. Local networks and downpipes. Water Manholes and water manhole covers.


Connection to sewerage network systems. Pipes Installation. Toilet Installation.


Ventilation Systems project development. Ducts or ductless air conditioning systems installation. Air Supply and exhaust ventilation. Climate control technologies. Change of filters.