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Construction works

Assembly work

Pladur. Mouldings and baseboards. Floating floorboards. Decorative panels.

Facade work

Facade restoration. Paint works. Cladding. Facades Insulation with SATE system. Decoration.

Carpentry work

Kitchen furniture works on request. Interior doors installation. Built-in wardrobes installation. Bathroom furniture works on request.

Finishing works

Coverings (ceramics, mosaic) Paint works Perlite paint Wallpaper Waterproofing

Roof works

Waterproofing. Thermal insulation. Drainage systems. Roofing installation: soft roofs, ceramic tiles, gables and cornices corrugated finish.

Masonry work

Masonry. Natural Stone walls Installation. Natural Stone Installation of thresholds and window sills. Stone cladding (marble, granite). Kitchen and bathroom worktops manufacture.


Excavation of foundation pits and trench digging. Installation of pipelines. Sewerage system. Electric cable installation. Land leveling. Construction of Artificial platforms and elevations.

Concrete works

Foundations. Reinforced concrete structures. Swimming pools. Solid walls. Reinforced concrete stairs. Retaining walls.